The company’s registered office and production site for iron drums is located in Millesimo, in the province of Savona, and today reaches an area of ​​35,500 square metres of which 28,000 are covered.

The Plastics Division is located in the municipality of Roccavignale, in the province of Savona, and occupies approximately 11,500 sqm, of which 4,200 are dedicated to the production site and 7,300 are intended for covered warehouses.

The area reserved for logistics occupies 4,700 sqm and involves 15 employees.

For the transport of goods, 3F relies on an efficient latest-generation fleet consisting of:

All vehicles are designed to optimize the volume of transportable products to minimise the environmental impact per unit of product.

Advanced systems for the storage and rapid handling of goods allow us to always offer a versatile, efficient, and fast service.

Vehicles, personnel, and equipment allow 3F to guarantee rapid “just in time” and safe deliveries on a both national and international scale.


3F Fabbrica Fusti Ferro
di Ferrecchi Silvano S.p.A.
P.IVA: 00228110094

Viale G. Mameli 100
17017 Millesimo (SV)